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Hair Care Collection

Our hair products are designed for all hair types to target, nourish, repair, and protect the hair with all it needs to be healthy!

Spa & Body Collection

Featuring carefully curated ingredients and invigorating aroma therapies, the Unica Spa Collection delivers the ultimate products in pampering and relaxation.


Powerful reconstructors come together to repair damage, stop, and prevent future breakage.

Frizz Reduction

Smoothing and frizz reducing formulas that replenish and balance moisture levels, while also protecting the hair from environmental stressors to prolong the beautiful smooth results.


Deep hydration, volume reduction, and extra shine.

Hair Growth

Stimulate & strengthen the weakened root of the hair fiber, and balance excessive oiliness to rapidly promote hair growth.

Color Protection

Protecting and maintaining hair color to make sure it never fades and every strand radiates with continuous color.

Fancy Ingredients

Specially formulated with the highest quality ingredients, creating the most exclusive blends that powerfully come together to provide the most nourishing and reparative results.

I feel myself with every shine and softness of my hair. Única products really bring out the best in me.
Laura Suescun
Happy Customer

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About Unica

Unica is a hair products collection for all hair types. A LAG Beauty’s brand with warehouse in USA.

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