3 Reasons Your Hair Could Be Turning Yellow

Natural Underlying Pigment

If you have blonde hair: You’re familiar with the term gloss or glaze (aka the step 2 or your coloring service), When hair is lightened, an underlining pigment of pale yellow exposed in the hair that’s often “controlled” with a gloss or in-salon treatment. If you’re stretching your time in between visits you may find that your hair starts to turn a yellow tone. This is likely because you’re overdue for a color treatment. What you can do in the meantime, aside from incorporating purple shampoo into your cleansing routine, be sure to use a shampoo for color treated hair like Unica True Tone Shampoo to help maintain your gloss and perfect tone between services.

If you have white hair: Sometimes when hair loses melanin (i.e pigment) and turns white or gray, there’s still a residual tone of yellow left in the hair. This can leave hair looking dull and drab. Purple shampoo can help over time but for a lasting impact, request silver highlights or gloss in the salon.

The Environment Can Cause Damage to Hair Color

Pollution, smoke, and chlorine from swimming can all contribute to brassy and yellow tones in the hair. Wear hats to prevent sun damage and protect your hair from environmental pollution. If you are a swimmer, opt for a swim cap. Be mindful that even your shower H2o can create mineral deposits of high iron. Install a water-filtering shower head to ban chemicals out of your water.

Hair Color Damage Caused by Styling Products and Tools

Shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, gels, aerosols, etc. can leave a yellowish deposit on the hair. This doesn’t only happen on light, or blonde hair, it can also affect darker tones too, although it’s harder to detect. Even applying too much heat from a hot tool can create a yellowish tone. Always use a spray when styling like Our Unica Amla Thermal Protector used for shielding the hair from the heat and removing frizz, while adding shine. Also it is essential that you invest in good hair tools that won’t damage your hair during use. Use our True Tone Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask to help balance those tones out and give you that perfect salon look.

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