True Tone Guard Shampoo 101

What is it & Why is it a must not only for Blondes but Colored Hair too!

If you have colored, blonde, silver or white hair that tends to get brassy or yellow after a couple washes with a regular shampoo then this shampoo will be your new BFF. There are shampoos that traditionally have a blue or violet color that help neutralize the brassy and yellow tones making the hair color look even, clean and bright. Let’s take a look at what True Tone Guard Shampoo is, who should be using it, how often it should be used and the 4 main causes of yellowing hair so that you can maintain that salon look.

What is True Tone Guard?

The True Tone Shampoo is infused with a purple pigment to neutralize brassy, yellow tones. Purple is used because, if you take a look at the color wheel, it is the direct opposite color of yellow. This means that by using purple, it cancels the yellow tones out. So when using purple pigment on brassy, yellow tones it color corrects your hair therefore restoring it to its former bright, cooler color.

Who should use True Tone Guard?

The True Tone Shampoo is suitable for colored, blonde, highlighted, and silver hair; did you know it also works on brunettes? While the purple pigment helps to mattify colored hair, blondes, silver hair, it corrects Brunettes as well… Yes, this purple pigment works not only for blonde but for all types of colored hair. The pigment works by protecting the hair against natural oxidation while organically derived moisturizers penetrate deep to nourish the hair adding shine and luminosity.

How often should you use True Tone Guard?

If you can’t seem to keep your hair bright, True Tone Shampoo offers a good solution to keep unwanted warmth under wraps.

You can alternate between the True Tone Shampoo and the Ever Care shampoo from our Unica Ever Care Collection—or you can mix them together for a less violet deposit. Start by using the True Tone Shampoo once a week and build up if needed.

If you start to notice a purple tone in your hair, put the purple shampoo down! Opt for a clarifying shampoo to remove the tone and keep your purple shampoo routine to once a week or less.

Say goodbye to the blonde’s hair blues (or in this case yellows) and say hello to your new bright bombshell hair!

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