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Secrets to Longer Hair: Using Unica’s Biotin Shampoo can benefit you hair care routine

No matter what we do, sometimes it feels like our hair won’t grow no matter what we try. Even though it can be super frustrating, it’s not an impossible situation. The truth is that deciphering the long-hair riddle is easier than you might think with the help of a little thing called Biotin.

3 Reasons Your Hair Could Be Turning Yellow

Pollution, smoke, and chlorine from swimming can all contribute to brassy and yellow tones in the hair.

True Tone Guard Shampoo 101

If you have colored, blonde, silver or white hair that tends to get brassy or yellow after a couple washes with a regular shampoo then this shampoo will be your new BFF. Let’s take a look at what True Tone Guard Shampoo is, who should be using it, how often it should be used and the 4 main causes of yellowing hair so that you can maintain that salon look.

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Unica is a hair products collection for all hair types. A LAG Beauty’s brand with warehouse in USA.

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